Toothpicks for Interdental Care in Nagpur

Toothpicks are short and thin wooden stick pieces which have a function of removing the food particles stuck in between the teeth usually after a meal. Nowadays, apart from wood, toothpicks are also made up of plastic, metal, bamboo and bone. The use of the toothpicks mentioned here are done as per the comfort of the individual and price factor also matters.  The structure of a toothpick is such that it can enter in between two teeth easily and put force to remove the stuck food particles. Both the ends of the toothpick are very sharp and pointed. In the recent times, toothpicks are used to decorate the cheese dishes, and pick them up while eating.

One will surprised to hear that, tooth picks were the first dental cleaning instruments invented by our ancestors. These were for the first time used by the Neanderthals and Homo sapiens.

  • The toothpicks were used to clean the teeth even before people at that time came to know about tooth brush and tooth paste. After that in the latter decade toothpick manufacturing machine was also invented. This made the production of the toothpicks much easier and save a lot of time.
  • Toothpicks are always considered to be one of the easiest ways to clean the areas in between teeth. Using a toothpick can cause abrasion as well affect the gum base which comes in between the two teeth.
  • Also, continuous use of toothpicks will cause various periodontal problems. Alternatives for toothpicks in similar cases are proxy brushes and Interdental cleaners. The proxy brushes will easily remove the food particles trapped in between the teeth. Interdental cleaners like flossing will also help in the same.
  • Toothpicks are recommended for the individuals who have wide gaps in between their teeth. While using toothpicks care must be taken as wooden toothpicks can break in between the teeth if too much force is applied to remove the food particle. Many a times, a part of the toothpick can enter the gums if it get’s broken. If you have some kind of boils or ulcers just make sure that you carefully use the toothpicks. In case the toothpick hurts the boil and secrets pus. Then stop using the toothpick at that moment itself. Otherwise, it can lead to the increased risks of heart attack or infection to some major body parts.

Many individuals just like to use a toothpick after every meal and it becomes their habit within some time. So if you cannot resist the use of tooth pick now and then just roll both the ends of the toothpick on the tongue so that they become soft after some time. Then, if it used it will not harm the gums and also help in cleaning the plaque in between the teeth. As you can see using tooth picks is actually a not so much effective way of cleaning the Interdental areas, so it’s important to use various Interdental cleaning procedures too. Finally, toothpicks are quite fun and very basic dental cleaning methods used in the recent times from ancient times.


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