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Anuja Verma Testimonial for best dentist in Nagpur

Anuja Verma

Physics Student

Very happy with the dental treatment of bleeding gums & teeth whitening provided by Dr. Ninad moon in the best dental clinic in the town loaded with ultra modern equipment and state of art dental equipment and experience and humble staff.

Archana Chaudhary Testimonial for cost effective Dental treatment in Nagpur

Archana Chaudhary


Laser depigmentation, crown lengthening, and tartar cleaning done. Now tetracycline stains will be removed with ceramic laminates. Very cost-effective, prompt diagnosis and dental treatment of my teeth.

Neha Surpam Testimonial for best cosmetic Dentist in Nagpur

Neha Surpam


 Cosmetic smile makeover at affordable rates with the latest equipment & prompt delivery is the best experience & all smile designing is done with the latest software by Dr. Ninad moon himself, such a patience & cool gums specialist is something to cherish & share.

Komal Agrawal Testimonial for Best Gums Specialist in Nagpur

Komal Agrawal

Fashion Designer

Bleeding gum was my main concern Dr. Ninad Moon, gum specialist with his simple and effective deep cleaning procedure in the dentist, dental specialist clinic helped me in relieving this problem. Now I am at 3 months follow up protocol. The best part was no medicine was given and I was properly instructed about my oral hygiene technique.
Treatment with a sterile instrument and post-operative care is excellent.

Pooja Mehta Testimonial For Emergency dental Care in Nagpur.

Pooja Mehta

Interior Decorator

Unable to get the appointment due to heavy rush in the clinic, but the staff and the doctor are very good as they attended me for my severe pain in the tooth and prescribed me medicine and now my dental pain subsided a little. Thank you very for attending my dental issue promptly.

Snehal Chandak


Dr.Ninad moon is an excellent general dental surgeon with experience of more than 16 years of clinical practice. I have done crown and bridge treatment from him with no issues now I can chew my food with ease as if I have natural teeth.

Vijya Sharma Testimonial for best cosmetic dentist in Nagpur

Vijya Sharma


Ninad Moon is one of the best cosmetic dentists in Nagpur. My mother recommended him to me while I was staying in India and I have continued to make appointments with him ever since because he's that good. I had a couple teeth alignment procedures along with teeth whitening and he's never failed to impress me with his good skill and experience! I usually hated going to see the dentist but with Dr. Moon, I trust him 100% with making my teeth look beautiful 🙂

Aarti Agrawal Testimonial for Best general & Speciality dental care in Nagpur

Aarti Agrawal


Surely recommended for all dental problem under one roof, hassle-free dental treatment like dental biopsy root canal treatment bleeding gums treatment veneers dentures teeth cleaning braces fixed and removable diet counseling fluoride application consultation digital dental x-ray bad breath treatment dental sealant preventive dental care habit breaking appliance night guard mouth guard teeth grinding treatment and much more are provided in this dental clinic. Plus the staff is very polite and helpful. My root canal treatment was finished in three sitting with porcelain crown fixed without any pain and postoperative complication. Charges are reasonable, so many dental implants are placed in one day with due care to the old patients.

Sulbha Deshpande Testimonial for the best Dental Clinic in Nagpur

Sulbha Deshpande

Consultant Opthlmologist

Thank you Dr. Ninad moon for helping me in overcoming fear of visiting dentist it is indeed such a pleasurable experience to be treated by you, now I don't have pain while chewing after root canal treatment & crowning of teeth in your aesthetically pleasing and fully loaded with state of art dental equipment best multispeciality dental clinic cum hospital in Nagpur.
My experience with the previous dentist was horrible that was the reason I was avoiding dentist appointment, which has lead to pain and swelling on my face.
Such a pleasant and cooperative staff always ready to help is the best part.
Zirconium crown color is perfectly matching with my original teeth it is difficult in fact impossible to distinguish between original teeth & crown great perfection.
My next appointment is for teeth cleaning and teeth whitening which I'm eagerly looking for and I won't miss it.
15 minutes Gap between two appointments so as to clean & arrange instrument is the best thing.
Always fresh set of disposable instruments like a mask, patients drape head cap & mini mineral water bottle is given to every new patient so chances of infection are less.
Music of any genre which is liked by you Before any dental treatment is asked & played so you are comfortable & cooperative such a thoughtful idea.
My root canal treatment & crown was completed in two sitting.

Leena Dixit Testimonial for Genuine Dental Consultation in Nagpur

Leena Dixit


Ground floor just beside the road with ample of parking space is the greatest advantage for me, think about old age & physically challenged patients it is the boon for them. I have seen Dr. Ninad moon personally coming out of the clinic to help to welcome such patients which I feel is an excellent gesture. Clinic ambiance is serene, pure & loaded with all the latest state of art equipment. Teeth cleaning & polishing is such a joy & believe me I never miss a single appointment. Genuine consultation of the patient & offers treatment which is needed & never forces his treatment on me. Dr. Ninad moon only provides you with the treatment option available & you have to choose what is best for yourself. I'm visiting Dr. Ninad moon from last 8 years for my regular dental check-ups & teeth cleaning.

Shewta Sharma Testimonial for best dentist in Nagpur

Shweta Sharma


I was fortunate to experience top-notch service at Dr. Ninad Moon’s Dental Clinic. From the minute I walked into the clinic, I was greeted so pleasantly and felt so cared for. My concern was - the spacing between my upper front teeth. I used to feel very conscious because of this space between my teeth while talking or smiling. It was affecting my social life.
Dr. Ninad Moon willing listened to all my concerns and comments, asking questions and making me feel as if I was the only patient in the clinic. Dr. Ninad understood the issues I was experiencing and showed genuine compassion. He made me appreciate the various treatment options for the closure of the space. He did not try to push expensive or possibly unnecessary treatments but helped me to make a wise decision that was right for me. He took the time to explain what to expect before, during, and after the procedure. He answered all my questions until I felt comfortable. I didn't feel rushed at any point of time.
My front teeth gap was closed using veneers. I was very apprehensive of the treatment, but it all went off very smoothly. The clinic was equipped with top class instruments and material. Dr. Ninad Moon was so precise and gentle with his work. The entire procedure was painless and comfortable. He took time to confirm the shade of the veneers I was going to get. Once my veneers were cemented and shown to me, I could not believe my eyes. The fit, shape, and texture of my teeth felt so natural. My smile had become beautiful and complete. I could never imagine that the gap between my teeth could be closed so correctly and look so appealing. So grateful to have a lovely place to come and have my teeth tended too. This was the first time in my life that I enjoyed coming to a dental clinic. I am so thankful to Dr. Ninad for giving me a beautiful smile to flaunt!

Smita Malhotra Testimonial for Best Single Tooth Implant in Nagpur

Smita Malhotra

Staff Nurse

I had a decaying tooth upper corner tooth which could not be treated, so I had to get it extracted. My missing tooth caused me a lot of embarrassment as each time I would smile the space would show. My solution was that I merely had stopped laughing. I finally decided to go to the dentist and find a permanent solution to my problem. I went to Dr. Ninad Moon’s Dental Clinic who was my friends treating dentist, and she spoke very well of his treatment. I took an appointment with him and explained to him the problem in detail. He was so confident, light-hearted and friendly which gave me immense confidence. After a lengthy consultation with him, I decided to go ahead with an immediate single tooth implant. I am so glad I did. They have changed the whole way I feel about myself.
The procedure was explained to me at each stage of the treatment. The team were kind, considerate and very professional - I felt I was in safe hands. The procedure went precisely by the plan as described by the dentist. The shot of the injection felt nothing more than just a pinch. The entire process was way more comfortable than what I had imagined. As soon as the implants were placed, I felt thrilled and confident. Nobody can make out that I have an implant it looks just as natural as my other teeth. The implant is perfect, and it is lovely to receive many compliments from friends and family on how excellent my teeth look. I was also so impressed with Dr. Ninad and his team’s technical ability. He is an excellent dentist. His ability to make the implant not only look nice but also fit and function so correctly is impressive.
The customer service and the front desk staff here couldn't be any better. They are so helpful with any queries or problems. They offer all the advice, help and support you need and are such a warm and friendly team I was explained about how to maintain my oral hygiene with the implant. I was called for subsequent check-ups, where everything seemed perfect. The aftercare is wonderful. I trust my dentist implicitly. His fees are very reasonable and affordable for all incomes. He does not push you for any expensive treatment unless and until it is required and indicated. He is very caring, compassionate, and patient with a desire to make his patients happy with their results. I'm delighted with my teeth. It was worth it to go in for the immediate single tooth implant and have my broad smile back. Thanks to my dentist’s expertise the results have exceeded my expectations.

merlyn d'souza testimonial for Best Complete dentures in Nagpur

merlyn d'souza

Girls hostel warden

My mother needed to visit the dentist to find an option to replace her missing teeth. She was unable to eat and chew thoroughly since a long time now without teeth in her mouth. She had only 3-4 teeth remaining in her mouth which were also weak and had begun to give her pain. She was very apprehensive to visit a dentist. After waiting for many days, she was finally ready to see the dentist. I took her to Dr. Ninad Moon’s Clinic as my friend had recommended him to me.
Contrary to my mother’s fear her visit to the dental clinic was delightful. As we entered the hospital, we were pleasantly greeted by the staff and were made to feel at home. The waiting room was very calm and serene. We did not have to wait for long to see the dentist. Once we met the dentist, my mother and I felt more at ease. He was accommodating to talk to and enquired about my mother’s concerns very patiently. He did not rush us through anything at any point. After making a note of everything, he started explaining to us the various treatment options available. Keeping her medical conditions and her age we finally decided to go in for a complete denture. He informed us in advance that we would have to visit the clinic about 3-4 times. He explained to us the various steps that would be carried out in each sitting. After being wholly convinced with the treatment option, we began with the procedure. The dentist along with the dental assistant made sure that my mother was comfortable throughout her visit. From taking the initial impression, performing the try-in to the final delivery of the denture - everything was carried out with a lot of precision and did not take too much time. The setup of the clinic, the instruments, and the materials used were all top class. I was thoroughly impressed not only with the modern technology but also with the attentive care shown and given to my mother. She was delighted with the final feel of the denture. The fit of the denture was excellent. The aesthetic effect of the denture and ability to chew and speak gave her a lot of joy. From start to finish of the treatment the staff was warm and welcoming, the procedure was painless, the process was pleasant, and he explained everything step-by-step. Most importantly we did not have to spend a fortune on the dentures; the entire treatment was very affordable and cost-effective. Will highly recommend this dental clinic to anyone looking for a genuine group of medical professionals who genuinely care for your dental health.

Vijay deshpande Testimonial for Excellent Painless Single sitting root canal treatment in Nagpur

Vijay Deshpande

Software Developer

This is by far the best dental clinic I have been to. Dr. Ninad Moon is very gentle and professional. The whole staff is super friendly and make you feel comfortable during your entire visit. Immaculate office and nicely organized. It’s a calm and amicable environment, and I was at ease in a very modern and up to date dental clinic. I had pain in the lower right tooth and went to the dentist for some relief. Dr. Ninad had a detailed discussion with me regarding – when the pain started? Does it increase in the night while sleeping? What aggravated the pain? He very patiently listened to all my symptoms, did a full check-up, took the x-rays and designed a treatment plan that would give me immediate pain relief. He decided to do a single sitting root canal treatment, and I was utterly convinced with his treatment plan. I was glad that the procedure would get done in one day and not span over 3-4 visits.
I could hardly feel any pain while the local anesthesia was injected. Then the procedure began, and I could not feel anything at all. Efficient treatment combined with current knowledge and techniques with the highest levels of skill made my experience relaxed and reassuring. My root canal treatment was completed in one visit, and my tooth was restored before I could even realize. I was initially so petrified of the word “Root Canal Treatment,” but thanks to the Dr. Ninad Moon and his team I had the most painless experience ever. They made a visit that was much dreaded very comfortable. I was so satisfied with the results of my dental work that I won't go to any other dentist. I will recommend this clinic to my family and friends for an efficient, caring and professional dental experience. Teamwork at its best.

Digvijay Biswas Testimonial for polite and considerate Dentist in Nagpur

Digvijay Biswas

Restaurant Owner

Dental treatment at affordable prices that to EMI option available is a big advantage.
my single front teeth replacement with dental implant cost was 1.8 lacks due to financial constrain I was avoiding treatment.
Dr. Ninad moon helped me by planning my treatment at EMI option in which I first have to pay 60k remaining amount by 3 easy monthly installments.
My dental implant treatment is complete and which was not possible earlier Dr. Ninad moon has done a favour such a considerate dentist.
i feel I'm a blessed person on this earth
Thank you, god, for introducing such a polite and considerate Dentist in my life.