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For Bridal Smile

Case - 1

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

Case - 2

Gap Between Teeth Closed with Dental Veeners

Case - 3

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Zirconia Crown & Bridge

Pt named Elizabeth had visited the clinic six months back with a chief complaint of discolored, crooked teeth, severe hypersensitivity, and pain in few of her posterior teeth, and was very keen to have a complete smile makeover and enhance her smile.

Case - 4

Before & After Teeth Cleaning & Polishing

Case - 5

Instant Repair of Fracture teeth with Cosmetic Bonding

Case - 6

In-office Teeth Whitening

Case - 7

Removable Partial Denture & Crown & Bridge

Case - 8

Full Mouth Rehabilitation with Dental Implants

Case - 9

Magic of Veneers - Transforming your Smile

Case - 10

Gingival Depigmentation with LASER - Turning your black gums into Pink

Case - 11

Single Tooth Implant

Case - 12

Fracture front tooth repaired with Cosmetic Bonding

Case - 13

Smile Makeover

Case - 14

Full Mouth Reconstruction with Dental implants & Fixed denture in Nagpur

Case - 15

Zirconia Crown on Front Tooth

Case - 16

Hemisection of Tooth

Case - 17

Instant Digital Smile Designing

Case - 18

Severe attrition

Case - 19

Teeth Alignment with metallic Braces

Case - 20

Teeth Cleaning with Ultrasonic Scaler

Case - 21

Gum Recession Treatment