Receding Gums

Receding gums treatment in Nagpur


Gingival recession also known as Receding Gums / Gum Recession is the Exposure of the root Surface of the teeth caused by the loss of gum tissue. This is accompanied by the retraction of the gingival margin from the crown of the teeth. Receding Gums/Gum Recession one of the most common signs of periodontal diseases also Known as Periodontitis, which is the inflammation & Loss of the Tissues Surrounding the Teeth, namely Gums / Gingiva, Cementum, Periodontal Ligament & Alveolar Bone The Most common causes of Receding Gums / Gum Recession include

  1.  Inadequate and improper way of  Tooth brushing. When an individual continues this habit, then it leads to eventual recession of the gums, which is usually painless and swells with time. Brushing and flossing with a lot of force can lead Receding Gums / Gum Recession.
  2. Heredity: if someone in your immediate family has thin and fragile gums then you are more prone to Receding Gums / Gum Recession.
  3. If you have a habit of grinding of teeth and excessive clenching from long time, then it can fasten the already existing periodontal disease Leading to Receding Gums / Gum Recession
  4. Acidity problems and gastro esophageal reflux disease can weaken the gum line of your mouth making it more prone to the Receding Gums / Gum Recession.
  5. Individuals with psychiatric disorders often develop a habit of putting pencil in between the teeth and inserting nails of fingers in between teeth may also lead to Receding Gums /Gum Recession.
  6.  Tobacco consuming individuals themselves destroy their periodontal health which at the ends leads to the occurrence of the Receding Gums / Gum Recession.
  7. Orthodontic problems in adults like overcrowding of teeth at one area in mouth can affect the normal health of the gums thereby causing Receding Gums/Gum Recession
  8.  Lack of sufficient Vitamin C can lead to the occurrence of Scurvy. Reduced levels of vitamin C affect healthier gums and lead to Receding Gums / Gum Recession.
  9. In the modern era where not only the young generation, but adults is also fascinated towards piercings. The piercing of the lip and tongue  can affect the gum health by coming in continuous contact with the gingival line thereby causing Receding Gums/Gum Recession

The symptoms of Receding Gums / Gum Recession will help to determine the occurrence of the Receding Gums / Gum Recession which include

  1.  Mobility of teeth / Loose Teeth.
  2. Sensitivity of teeth on consumption of hot, cold or similar substances.
  3. Tooth color change.
  4. Increased spacing / Gaps between the teeth.
  5. The Roots of the teeth are exposed Leading to Aesthetic & Cosmetic issue.

Poor oral hygiene leads to the accumulation of the plaque / tartar / calculus which is a primary cause of gingivitis / gum disease. In case of gingivitis induced  gum recession, there will be pain, swelling, bleeding while brushing accompanied by  Halitosis, medical terminology of bad breath defined as a foul or unpleasant odor emanating from the mouth, So it’s essential to keep a note that your mouth is free from these factors.

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