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                            Pedodontist is the dental specialist who deals with the dental health of the children and treats the dental problems of children. A Pedodontist is said to practice pediatric dentistry. It is one of the most sensitive branches of dentistry as it involves dealing from infants to middle teenagers. This age is very delicate and requires extra care and concern from the side of the dentist.

There are various programs designed by dental associations of various countries. The basic criteria is that the candidate should  have successfully completed the degree of BDS, DDS, DMD or some equivalent degree from a government recognized dental school or university. In India, a dentist who has BDS degree can apply for the Masters of Dental Surgery (MDS) in Pediatric dentistry. In USA, there are residency programs created and are available at various centers and universities in states like California, New York, Hawaii, North Carolina, Alaska, Alabama, Arizona and Maine. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) is the one to decide and implement various rules and regulations regarding the Pedodontist’s functioning for the public. Along with AAPD, American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) also plays an important role in spreading the importance of pediatric dentistry across USA. Bothe the institutions recommend that parents should take their children to a dentist after the first tooth of the kid has erupted. Also a six month gap dental checkup should be done in order to keep the dental health of the children up to date. This will prevent a lot of dental disorders which can occur in children just due to lack of proper concern and checkup at the right time.

A Pedodontist plays a very important role in a child’s life along with a child’s General Physician. But still, in many of the countries especially the developing ones, the importance of a Pedodontist are not much realized. People neglect the fact of visiting the Pedodontist with their child for a regular dental checkup. Various motivational programs are being built and have shown some improvement in the scenario. Still many people think it’s a waste of time to take children to dentist. They don’t understand that the child’s permanent and deciduous teeth interlinked to each other. Apart from that the normal functioning of the head and neck can be monitored with the help of a Pedodontist. Only when abnormality is seen in the child’s head and neck after birth, then parents realize the importance of Pedodontist. If they would have consulted him earlier during the pregnancy then precautions could have been taken to prevent such deformities. Pregnant women usually don’t think of the oral health of their child in the fetal stage. So, most of them don’t make an effort to visit the Pedodontist. A Pedodontist can work as a practitioner as well as teaching staff at a dental school. In the recent times it can be seen that Pedodontists are opting for one in all practice where sometime they take up implant cases or sometimes they take up some endodontic procedure. This is just because that many countries don’t have such system to help them earn from their own sphere of dentistry.

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