Introducing Parts of Human Teeth

 Parts of human teeth are broadly divided into:

  • Crown - Is that part of a healthy tooth, which is visible in the mouth.
  • Root - Is the lower part of human teeth below the gum line, which anchor tooth to the jawbone & is usually not visible.

         The parts of human teeth are made of four tissues namely;

  1. Enamel – Outermost & strongest layer of the tooth, Color Varies from translucent white to white.
  2. Dentin – Middle layer of the tooth, just beneath enamel consisting of tubules, when exposed cause sensitivity to hot & cold. The color of which is pale yellow.
  3. Pulp - the Innermost soft core of the tooth consisting of nerves and blood vessels and it reflects the color of a blood vessel within it.
  4. Cementum- Is a specific hard substance covering the root of a tooth. It is attached to the bone by the periodontal ligament. It is pale yellow in color and is covered by the gums.

 All parts/structures/surfaces of healthy human teeth are intact. If any of the parts lose its continuity, then it is considered as a disease/Decayed tooth.

Decayed Tooth - breach in continuity, enamel surface is not smooth, shiny & intact.

Rotten Tooth

          In tooth decay, there is a breach in continuity and enamel surface is not smooth, shiny & intact and hence considered as diseased/Decayed tooth. A Breach in the continuity of the surfaces/structure of any part of the tooth (Crown, Root, Enamel, Dentine, Pulp & Cementum) is the main distinguishing point between disease and healthy tooth.


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