Orthodontist Resume Sample

Dental Specialist Resume Sample

Dental Specialist Resume Sample

Orthodontist Resume Sample: This format meets the international standards. It displays all the essential features required for the complete and consolidated resume’.  It is editable, easy to fill .doc format. It is keyword rich, so that the recruiters can easily detect your resume’.

It contains all the mandatory fields for complete enhancement and projection of your profile.





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An orthodontist is a dental specialist who deals with correcting occlusion of an individual irrespective of his age. Orthodontics is the dental specialty which is the first to address occlusions of the humans. So it is high demand in the field of Orthodontics. An Orthodontist understands the importance of correct occlusion which has high aesthetic value. It is also known as “dentofacial orthopedics” as an orthodontist deals with the control as well as modification of the dental and facial features growth.

A dentist has to apply and complete the postdoctoral programs created specifically for the purpose of the becoming an Orthodontist. These programs usually range from three to four years. The dental association of orthodontics in the particular country awards the degree to the dentist. Now he can practice as a Certified Orthodontist. This period of the course is working hard quite a lot so that the dentist can gain the skills to create an almost ideal occlusion of the patient. Braces being the base of Orthodontics play a crucial role in the orthodontic treatment procedures. There are various orthodontic treatments which determine that the patient can achieve the ideal occlusion based on his facial features, age and of course aesthetic features. In the USA, Commission on Dental Accreditation (CDA) has introduced orthodontic programs which can be undertaken by the dentists who have DDS, BDS, DMD or an equivalent degree completed. Then the training will have various segments under it to make the dentist eligible to move forward and learn orthodontics in the best way. If a dentist from India is looking forward to pursuing such programs, then he has to successfully clear NBDE, GRE, and TOEFL. This will make the candidate very ready for the coming challenges in the dental university.

An orthodontist has a lot of scope across the world and can practice anywhere on the earth just like the other dental specialties. Just he has to fulfill the criteria for a practicing license from the particular country, where he is looking to migrate. Braces are not just the traditional metallic wires. Nowadays, there are invisible braces which are transparent in nature so can be fixed in front of the teeth. Invisalign is one of the most modified and advanced technologies in orthodontics related to braces which are attached lingually. So it is quite in demand nowadays as none of us would prefer in fist go the metallic braces in front of our teeth. Various other oral difficulties and anatomical problems can be solved by the orthodontist thus giving a perfect smile and normal functioning of the teeth to the patient. Like other dental specialties will also focus on orthodontics part in the long term. So for instance, if an orthodontist faces a complicated Oral Surgery case then he will call an Oral Surgeon to solve the problem. In this way, he will have to keep contacts with the other dental specialists so that if any emergency strikes in there are no loss or harm to the patient.



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