Maintaining Oral hygiene with Dental floss

Excellent Oral hygiene with Dental floss in Nagpur

Dental floss is one of the most recommended oral hygiene measures. It is a cord made up of thin filaments used to remove the food particles in between the teeth and clean the dental plaque. It prevents the permanent of the dental plaque and its progression into dental calculus. The combination of tooth brushing along with the dental floss on the regular basis is the best option to maintain your Oral hygiene. Also, gingivitis, bad breath and many other dental diseases can be prevented by the regular use of dental floss.

In order to maintain Oral hygiene by using dental floss, it is important to know the timing and method of flossing. It is recommended that before brushing the teeth just floss once. This will help the fluoride in the toothpaste to reach even the Interdental parts of the teeth thus leading to overall cleaning of the teeth. Various dental brands have their dental floss available in the market. To start with, you can purchase a dental floss roll in a plastic dispenser. In a single plastic dispenser, 10 to 100 meters of the dental floss will be available. You can take a certain amount of the floss and cut it with a blade to separate from the plastic dispenser. Then tie one side of the floss with an instrument similar to fork. Hold the other end tied around your fingers. Then the floss can be used in between the teeth as well as on the tooth surface. This will clean your teeth from food deposits and plaque in the long term.

The dental floss is available in various sizes. An individual can get one depending on the requirement and width of space between their teeth. But the cost of the dental floss does not determine the quality or functionality of the dental floss. It’s just the brand which determines the price of the dental floss. The economical ones are more sold in the dental market. Dental floss wands are one of the latest inventions which provide comfort and ease to the individual using the dental floss. These are available mainly in two types, floss and Y-shaped floss depending on the area and the surface where the dental floss has to be used. These wands are helpful in flossing the posterior teeth. But they do not help in the flossing of the areas under the gum line.

Regular floss will provide ease in flossing at most of the areas of the teeth, even under the gum line. Flossing for the first time can lead to bleeding of the gums which can be either due to gingivitis or due to improper use of the dental floss. So make sure that you do it properly. In case you have an amalgam restoration, then make sure that you don’t floss around that tooth that too with a lot of force. Otherwise, it can lead to the formation of amalgam tattoo. Finally, it’s important to maintain oral hygiene with the regular and efficient use of the dental floss.

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