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“I have bad breath nowadays” is one of the most common complaints heard by the dentist as well the friends and relatives of the individual who’s complaining. The confidence of a person is affected by Halitosis, the medical terminology of bad breath defined as a foul or unpleasant odor emanating from the mouth. They feel discomfort talk properly with some other individual. Moreover, one should note that bad breath occurs in the long-term. There are many factors which lead to Halitosis. Most of these factors result in the initiation of bad breath. Here are some of those factors which lead to the breath stinking of an individual.

Halitosis or bad breath is a common problem faced by most of the people. There are millions of reasons for the development of bad breath. Let us see the top 10 causes of bad breath.

1) Poor oral hygiene: This is the primary cause of bad breath. Oral hygiene is highly important when it comes to your teeth. The poor oral hygiene accommodates millions of microorganism on our oral cavity, and the food particles present in the oral cavity are digested by this microorganism, and this results in the development of bad breath.

2) Food: The different types of food substance, for instance, add odor to our mouth. These are food substances as if garlic, onions and so on. In addition, drinks as if coffee or alcohol increases the acidity of the mouth and results in the dry mouth. Dry mouth gives out the unpleasant odor. The different types of food substance, for instance, add smell to our mouth. These are food substances as if garlic, onions and so on. Also, drinks as if coffee or alcohol increases the acidity of the mouth and results in the dry mouth. Dry mouth gives out the unpleasant odor. Candies which are eaten too much across the world cause Halitosis at a large-scale. Moreover, one should note that dentists now recommend the consumption of chocolate as compared to the colorful candies. This is because candies contain more sugar amounts than the chocolate. Chocolate also has some amount of calcium, which is useful to the teeth. Dark chocolate is also good for health when eaten in restricted quantities. Many times, people who are aiming to lose weight and build muscles start with a protein diet. The amount of the protein food is so much that the individual starts developing a rotten fruit smell in his breath. This is due to the reason that the high protein diet leads to the secretion of the molecules and compounds which are responsible for such kind of smell.

3) Smoking: Smoking always leaves the smell of tobacco or cigar on the mouth. However, in the long term, the chemical reaction results in the development of dry mouth. As a result of dry mouth and due to the smell of tobacco, bad breath develops in smokers.

4) Mouth or tongue piercings: The modern trend brought many new features, and one of it is piercing. Tongue or mouth piercing is very popular among young generations. However, these piercing can accumulate many millions of microorganism. Among those, yeast infection from Candida Albicans can cause severe mouth odor.

5) Poorly managed dental appliances: The dental appliances should be cleaned properly. Otherwise, these dental appliances can be the only source of significant inflow of huge amount of microorganism. These microorganisms can results in infection and this lead to the unpleasant odor of mouth.


6) Cold: Almost all of us have suffered from a cold at some or the other point of life. Cold leads to the blockage of the nostrils to some extent. This creates discomfort in the individual’s nose and thus he has no other option than using his mouth for breathing. This leads to the drying of mouth, which is very common in most of the individuals. Most of the times, the mouth becomes dry and then a stinky smell comes out. This finally leads to the Halitosis

7) Mouthwash: Your mouthwashes are also responsible for Halitosis. If your mouthwash contains more than 15-20% of alcohol in it, then you need to be alert. The alcohol content is responsible for the bad breath. When an individual uses the mouthwash, then a stale smell is left in the mouth after the mint flavor goes off. This leads to the bad smell coming out from the mouth of the individual. So take care that you use a very low or no content of alcohol in the mouthwash to take care of how your mouth smells.

8) Coated Tongue: The tongue is the primary area where the various bacteria live. These bacteria lead to the formation of sulfuric compounds which have a fetid smell in them. So it’s important to floss and brush the teeth & Clean the tongue on a regular basis.

9) Dry Mouth: when you are anxious your mouth dries eventually within some time, and you feel that your mouth is smelling bad and sometimes tastes quite different from the usual. Thus, make sure not to stress yourself a lot as it can harm your health

10) Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease: (GERD) is a very common problem experienced by most of the world’s population. The reflux of acidic content results in the development of infections, and this can give us unpleasant odor. Also, the high acidic smell in the long term can also cause the severe unpleasant odor of the mouth.

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