My Gums, Pain & Bleed while Brushing

Bleeding Gums Treatment in Nagpur



Patients who visit the Periodontist have a common complaint that their gums bleed while brushing. This bleeding is associated with the pain in the gums of varying intensity.  One should understand that bleeding while brushing can be mild, moderate or severe. Severe bleeding does not occur in one day. The reasons behind bleeding while brushing is quite varied.

  • One of the most common reasons is that the individual who is suffering from bleeding while brushing is not using the proper brushing technique. One should brush their teeth upside down to the front teeth. For the back ones, the circular motion of brushing should be followed. Most of us, brush very gradually that too only once a day. In the morning brushing with a lot of force so as to complete brushing very quickly. This leads to bleeding of the gums and pain as well. Consuming 2-4 minutes of brushing each time, in the morning as well as at night is a must.
  • Many times, our gums look swollen, but we ignore it thinking that there is nothing wrong. But most of the times it has proved that such cases are the cases of swollen gums which are due to inflammation of the gums. This is famously known as gingivitis. Gingivitis is the primary stage. If the patient is treated here, then the progression of periodontitis can be prevented. Periodontitis is the inflammation of the periodontium. One the key features of this oral condition are pain and severe bleeding of gums while brushing.
  • Lack of oral hygiene can also lead to the bleeding of the gums. When food particles get accumulated in between the teeth, then it leads to the accumulation of the plaque. This plaque if not removed on time, gets deposited permanently there and leads to the formation of calculus. So it is recommended to maintain proper oral hygiene like using mouth washes and rinsing properly after meals.
  • It is recommended that flossing keeps calculus away from the mouth. One must know at what force and intensity flossing must be done. If you are flossing at a great speed and power, then you are tending to hurt your gums thus causing them to bleed. So make sure that you follow the instructions for proper flossing.
  • If you have an oral ulcer i.e. An ulcer in your mouth, then ensure that you don’t brush with a whole of your power in the morning. Most of the oral lesions are painful in nature. So when the bristles of the brush hurt the ulcer, they tend to bleed causing pain. So be careful while cleaning with sores in the mouth.
  • In the months of pregnancy, a female tends to have to bleed off the gums. This is due to the fluctuation in the hormone levels. This causes more blood flow to the gums. So when one do not brush properly, it leads to severe bleeding and pain. So make sure that you clean with more care if you are expecting a child.



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