Gingivitis: Causes & Treatment

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Every oral disorder has some cause and a particular cure solution and treatment for it. Here goes some of the causes and treatment of the gingivitis:

Causes of Gingivitis:

  • One of the prime causes of gingivitis is plaque and tartar. If an individual has an accumulation of plaque, especially if the plaque is quite more, then the immune response in the body gets triggered. The plaque accumulation creates an environment for the bacterial organisms to invade the teeth. The plaque when progress leads to the formation of the calculus. The calculus is tough to remove ourselves. Its removal needs proper professional care and procedures. This then leads to the occurrence of gingivitis with time.
  • Women are more prone to gingivitis. Menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and menopause are the time periods when the body of a woman is more prone to have gingivitis. This is due to the hormonal changes in the body in these time periods.
  • Serious diseases like HIV, cancer, and diabetes make the individual more prone to the occurrence of gingivitis. The immune system in these diseases is weakened, which makes it easier for any bacterial organism to attack the body. So like many other diseases, gingivitis occurrence also becomes easier in such patients.
  • Various medications have a high impact on the oral cavity. Gingiva has a lot of blood supply. This makes it easier to contract diseases which can be spread by the blood throughout the body. The drugs which are given to the patient via intravenous route can cause various side effects which can even affect the gingiva. This can even occur in the oral route. Such medications are anti-angina and anti-convulsant drugs. These drugs cause a reduction in the saliva content in the mouth. This is known as ‘Xerostomia’ in the dental terms.
  • Individuals who smoke regularly have a higher risk of the gingivitis than those people who don’t smoke at all. So smoking affects the gingiva of the mouth badly and also causes darkening of the oral mucosa. This has a long-term adverse effect on the oral health of the smoking individual.
  • There are hereditary connections of gingivitis occurrence. If an individual has a family member who has had gingivitis, then there are more chances of him, attracting this disease.

Treatment of Gingivitis:

  • The most important and primary step for treating gingivitis is scaling. This has to be done by a specialist dentist, a Periodontist, who has the proper skills and good experience in this field. It will help to remove the plaque as well as the calculus content from the patient’s teeth. This will thus assist in the reduction of the inflammation.
  • Oral hygiene measures and techniques are advised by the dentist, which has to be followed on a regular basis by the patient.
  • Proper brushing and flossing on a regular basis are advised to the patient.
  • Regular dental checkups with scaling at least twice a year can help prevention of gingivitis.
  • Mouthwashes like chlorhexidine used regularly can keep bacterial organisms away.
  • Orthodontic treatments are recommended for malalignment of teeth.
  • Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning | Scaling of Teeth & Gums by a dental hygienist to remove tartar, calculus Dental Tabacco stains which cause Yellow Teeth, gingivitis & subsequently Periodontitis. Professional  Ultrasonic Deep Cleaning of teeth and gums results in Teeth whitening & prevent gums diseases


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    enough to get regular dental checkups done by the dentist. That’s why it is recommended to have dental checkups on a regular.

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