Now Is The Time To Get Your Dentures Repaired

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High Time to Get Your Dentures Repaired

Dentures are a blessing for those who do not retain their natural teeth anymore. Not only do they maintain the facial esthetics, but are also helpful during speech and chewing food. Although the dentures are expected to provide long years of service provided they are properly looked after, they liable to degrade over time. While most denture wearers tend to prefer to get new dentures once the older ones break or become loose, getting your dentures at the first sign of damage can save them a lot of precious time and money. The good news is that the repaired dentures possess the same fit, functionality, and aesthetics as the newly made dentures. So why not get them fixed instead of getting newer ones? Below are some situations that indicate the need to get your dentures repaired.

1) Denture Pinching

if you feel that your dentures are pinching on your tongue or cheeks, then it may be advisable to inspect your dentures to look for small cracks that might be causing trauma to the soft tissues. In most cases, the crack is so tiny that it can only be felt by the tongue, and is barely visible to the naked eye. While the pinching from the dentures can go away with time, the crack tends to grow, and it ultimately becomes large enough to fracture the denture. Therefore, you should get your dentures repaired as soon as you feel that your dentures are uncomfortable to wear.

2) Dentures Have Lost Their Retention

A close approximation of the fitting surface of the denture and the gums ensures that they were retentive, and do not come off during speech or mastication. However, as a result of wear, dentures become loose and are easily dislodged. It is highly recommended in this situation to get your dentures checked by your dentist so that they can be repaired accordingly.

3) Unstable Dentures

Dentures are designed to be comfortable and stable while wearing. However, if you observe that your dentures rock from side to side while chewing, it may be because of the thinning of the gums as well as the jaw bone, but also because they have gradually worn off, and must be repaired at the lab before they can be used again.

4) Chipped Off Denture Teeth

although the acrylic denture teeth are made from the same material as the denture plate, they are separately bound to the denture base during the fabrication of the denture. With the passage of time, the chemical bond between the denture base and the artificial teeth becomes loose, and they tend to break or chip off from the main plate. Similarly, in case your dentures have ceramic teeth which are only attached to the base with the help of pins and not chemically bound, they can also get chipped during use. If that happens, there is no need to worry or to become panicked. Visit your dentist to get your dentures repaired, since the broken tooth can be easily placed back at its position at the dental lab.

5) Chipped off Acrylic

In some cases, the acrylic from the main denture plate gets chipped off, either as a result of wear or due to accidental damage. This not only results in severe trauma to the oral soft tissues, such as the cheeks, gum, and tongue, but there are also chances that the crack from the site of chipped acrylic can progress and cause fracture of the whole denture plate, making repair even more challenging. Hence, it is necessary to get the denture fixed as soon as the problem arises.

6) Accidental Dropping

dentures are inherently weak in resisting damage from any unexpected impact regarding accidental dropping or due to blowing the face. In both these cases, a crack can generate within the denture plate, which progresses fairly rapidly and may cause the fracture, provided the crack is stopped in time by getting the denture fixed at the dental lab.

7) Denture Staining

Sometimes, a black outline appears at the junction of the denture base and the teeth, which is highly unaesthetic in appearance. While this type of staining indicates that you are not adequately looking after the hygiene of your dentures, but it also shows that a gap has been formed between the denture plate and the teeth. The solution to this situation is to get your dentures cleaned and repaired immediately at the dental lab, so as to restore their aesthetics as well as function.

If you observe any of the above-mentioned signs, then it is high time for you to visit your dentist and get your dentures fixed. While it may take a few days for the fabrication of new dentures, repairing them not only takes lesser time but it is also a more cost-effective option. So the next time you feel that your dentures are not providing the same level of comfort, or not fitting correctly, you should consider getting them repaired.

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