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Dental Patient Education Model
Dental Patient Education Model

Dental Patient Education Model

This is not an App. It is a high quality 3 D model featuring more than 30 clinical findings and available treatment options. It is highly illustrative, self-explanatory, portable, affordable, no maintenance model. Invaluable tool in patient education, sales promotion, treatment acceptance, illustrating difficult to explain and visualize specialized techniques of dentistry. Procedures and treatments are described vividly in the two-hinge models a) maxillary/mandibular arches= four pieces and b) one maxillary/mandibular arch= one piece.  (Total: five pieces in threemodels) Taking care of your entire dental practice. These models demonstrate the following clinical findings and treatment procedures:

32 Awesome Benefits of Dental Patient Education Model

  1. Laminates/Veneers
  2. Furcation involvement
  3. Horizontal impaction
  4. Root Canal Treatment
  5. Implant Supported Bridge
  6. Butterfly Bridge
  7. Mobility Bone Loss
  8. Subgingival calculus
  9. Periodontal pocket and tooth loss
  10. Jacket crown
  11. Post and core single tooth implant
  12. Impacted maxillary molar
  13. Zirconia bridge
  14. Gingival recession, stains, and calculus
  15. Cervical abrasion
  16. Proximal caries associated with mesioangular impacted tooth
  17. Supragingival calculus
  18. Zirconia crown
  19. Metal crown
  20. Peri-Apical Abscess
  21. Ceramic Bridge
  22. Ceramic Crown
  23. Attrition and Occlusal caries
  24. Smoking stains
  25. Distal caries of maxillary and molar
  26. Onlay
  27. Inlay
  28. Ceramic ring crown
  29. Root stump restored with metal crown
  30. Demonstration of brushing technique
  31. Demonstration of interdental cleaning with floss holder
  32. Demonstration of flossing technique

Dental Patient Education Model comprises of:

  One Metal Crown Total 06 units Original High-quality premium

  One Metal Ring Crown

  One Metal Bridge (03 units)

One metal crown restored on root stump

  Two CeramicCrown Total 06 units Original High quality premium

  One Ceramic Ring Crown

  One Ceramic Bridge

  One Zirconia Crown Total 01 unit Original High quality premium

4. One Tragis Bridge Total 03 units Acrylic High quality premium

  Three Laminates/Veneers Total 03 units Acrylic High quality premium

6. One Implant supported Bridge Total 03 units Acrylic High quality premium

7. One tooth supported Bridge Total 03 units Acrylic High quality premium

  One inlay Total 01 unit Acrylic High quality premium

9. One onlay Total 01 unit Acrylic High quality premium

  One Dowel pin with jacket crown Total 01 unit Acrylic High-quality premium

11. One single tooth implant Total 01 unit Acrylic High-quality premium

  One prepared tooth explaining RCT with 03 canals located Total 01unit(03 reamers/files)

  Smoking stains

  Supra gingivalcalculus

  Cervical abrasion

  Occlusal attrition


  Sub gingivalcalculus

  Tooth mobility

  Bone loss

  Periodontal pocket

  Tooth loss

  Maxillary molar impacted tooth

  Mandibular molar horizontal impacted tooth

  Mandibular molarmesio-angular impacted tooth

  Distal caries of maxillary molar

  Peri-apical abscess

  Proximal caries ofmolar with mesio-angular impacted tooth

  Missing lateral incisor

  Root caries

  Palatal proximal caries of maxillary incisors

  Fractured crown

  Discolored incisor

  Root stump

Following techniques can be easily demonstrated

35. Brushing


  Inter-dental cleaning

The patient becomes aware and gains insight into his/her dental complaint and the treatment options available. It gives an added advantage to the practitioner to explain in a simple, lucid manner, as the model is self-explanatory. This saves time and energy of the practitioner and thereby helps the practitioner to concentrate on the treatment procedure. This a most effective tool to explain the disease/complaint, he/she has come with. It is a one-time wise investment for your clinic, contributing peace of mind to the practitioner, as the patient cannot apprehend most of the dental problems. The patient is mostly unaware of his/her dental health and needs.

In brief, this is a positive short 3D model explaining all the known dental problems commonly treated by the dentists and also common complaints of the patients. This model is also useful for educating the school children making them aware of the dental problems.Also, can be kept as an artifact in a dental museum for patient education. It can be utilized in dental camps for educating the masses.

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The average cost of a model showing one clinical finding range from 200-300 US$ in the current market. On a comparable basis, with the aforementioned clinical outcomes/treatment procedures, the cost may escalate up to 40,000-50,000 US $.  The disadvantage of these kinds of already available in the market products along with high cost is maintenance and space consumption. As opposed to this Dental Patient Education Model, avoids the above-mentioned inconveniences, since all 37 findings/treatments are easily explained in only 03 models. It costs only 1500-1800 US $. This model is easy to store in small spaces, readily handy on the reception and consultation table. Patient compliance is highly strengthened.

Saving time and energy= more productive treatment which leads to success.

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