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Smile Makeovers in Nagpur

Improving your smile with Cosmetic Dentistry

There is nothing more beautiful than someone smiling. Today, Cosmetic Dentistry can make people laugh with a few delicate procedures. Cosmetic Dentistry can help turn a dull face into bright with a beautiful smile. The methods which can contribute to making a beautiful smile include dental veneers, Dental Crown & Bridges, composite bonding, Dental implants, and teeth whitening. To have a smile makeover, one only has to ask the dentist. It is not something that it an absolute must but it can make you look gorgeous. The choice is strictly personal.

The best way to improve your smile depends on many factors. At the first consultation, the Cosmetic Dentist will go over the different methods that can be used to enhance your smile. This will also take into account your facial features, your teeth (size, shape, color) gums, and lips. The name of the game is to give you a beautiful smile in a very affordable way. You will be asked questions about your likes, dislikes, preferences, the color, shade you like and what you feel that needs correcting. Each point will be discussed with you, and you will be told the pros and cons of each procedure.

Points to Ponder for Smile Makeovers

1) Filling: One of the most important aspects of a smile is whether you have any fillings. The fillings of the past were dark, gray or black. This is not a big problem because today restorative dentistry can quickly change that. The composite resins available today can dramatically improve the tooth color. When planning any dental procedure, the tooth color and shade are important.

It is a given fact that when one has dark or dull teeth, this often suggests a sign of aging, So the Cosmetic dentist’s job is to provide you with a shade of teeth which will not only match your mouth but your face and lips. Many cosmetic dentists have been in the business of cosmesis and can provide you with the best shade to improve your smile.

2) Crooked teeth: One of the main reasons why people hate to laugh is because they may have crooked or mal–aligned teeth. Today, dentists can help correct the gaps in the teeth using veneers or Invisalign.

3) Absent tooth: is a common problem in many people and a common reason why people do not smile. Missing teeth also make eating difficult and can make chewing impossible. Today, we have a variety of dental implants, bridges, and dentures which can match your natural teeth and bring back function to your teeth.

4) Gums: The dentist will also examine your gums to ensure that there is a balance between the teeth and gum line. If the gum line is thick, there is a procedure to thin it down.

5) Cracked teeth: Many individuals has cracked or chipped teeth and are afraid to open their mouth. Well today, we have various bonding materials and restorative procedures that can fix chipped or cracked teeth in one session. And the materials are so natural looking; only you will know the secret.

6) Long teeth are always beautiful. Most people have short teeth due to wear and tear. Today, smile makeover procedures can help elongate the front teeth by altering the gum line. If you need any further procedures to add length, which will be discussed before the surgery. Once you have long teeth, it will have an immediate impact on the rest of the body; long teeth give an appearance of a tall, thin body figure.

7) Uneven teeth: The other thing that most cosmetic dentists determine to ensure that your smile is perfect is the proportion of your teeth. If the two front teeth are long, and the rest are short, the smile loses its charm. So we can help you even out your teeth to bring out the perfect smile.

8) Aesthetics: Finally every attempt is made to bring a smile by using your natural teeth and gums. Sometimes, however, the dentist may have to use veneers, bonding or some restorative procedure to get the maximal cosmetic benefit. The eventual result will be a beautiful face with gorgeous teeth. You will never feel like closing your mouth again.

Final point

Making a smile is not a complicated process, but one has to be realistic about it. The procedures performed in cosmetic dentistry are not permanent but will last a long time. We expect most of our procedures to last 5-15 years, and touch ups may be required in future to maintain the cosmetic benefit.

Everyone in the team will be selected so that we can have the maximum impact on your smile and make it last a long time. No matter what procedure is selected, you will be a part of the decision making.

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